Hocosa Organic Wool-Silk Baby Shirt. Long Sleeves. Envelope Neckline.


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Hocosa Organic Wool-Silk Baby Shirt. Long Sleeves. Envelope Neckline.

Made of 70/30% blend of soothingly soft Euopean KbT- certified organic merino wool & silk. Wool for warmth. Silk for strength.
Natural fibers breathe. maintaining a comfortable temperature in warmth or cold. Even when damp. wool feels warm. unlike cotton & synthetics.
Naturally flame-retardant. without chemicals. making it perfect as infant sleepwear.
Natural wool with lanolin gives self-cleansing properties. minimizing need for washing. For best results. wash occasionally by hand with lanolin-replenishing woolwash to maintain hygienic effects.
For best fit - European size correlates to full length in centimeters. (Baby's length in inches x 2.5). For For chunkier babies. choose next size up.
Hocosa Swiss-made Organic Wool-Silk Shirt for Baby/Toddler with Long Sleeves & Envelope Neckline. The wool chosen for Hocosa woolens is KbT-certified organic. meeting European highest standards. to provide the utmost in well-being. Soothingly soft. this fine wool comes from pure-bred merino sheep. It is sheered by hand and free of pesticides. Wool's temperature-regulating properties. as well as its being naturally flame-retardant. without any chemical treatment. make it perfect as sleepwear. Silk adds extra softness & durability. European sizing correlates with baby's full-length in centimeters. 50/56 = 20-22.5 inches. 62/68 = 24.5-27 in. 74/80 = 29-32 in. 86/92 = 34.5- 37 in. 98/104 = 39-41.5 in. Choose size based on your baby's full length. For chunkier babies. move up one size. Textile weight - 175gm/sq.meter.